Calico Art - Carol Vaage

About Calico

Calico  is the signature for the artwork of Carol Vaage.

Q & A:

When did you begin painting?

I've  been doing watercolour painting since 2014, two years after retiring from a teaching career. I had never done any art before this.

How did you learn to paint? 

I took classes -a community based with City of Edmonton, some from ELLA (Edmonton Lifelong Learning Association) with Frances Alty Arscott and Suzanne Lamoureux . Willie Wong has taught me many techniques.  Mostly, I studied online with YouTube and several online classes.

What were the biggest influences for Calico's learning?

Learning from other artists - my children, my instructors, of course. But mostly, by using the web. Pinterest became a way to collect the styles of watercolour I loved- loose, abstract, great colour combinations. Specific artists became inspirational: Jean Haines, Pablo S. Herrero, Keith Nash, Chantal Jodin, Branislav Markovic Umbra, Nancy Knight, Fernando Zobel, Z. L. Feng, and Maria Ginzburg. 


Calico defined

Calico Cat - a cat with patterns of 3 colours - white with orange (or red or reddish-brown) and black (or grey or blue)

Calico Fabric - a plain-woven textile made from unbleached and often not fully processed cotton

Calico Art - watercolour art on blank rough paper with many original colour patterns