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Artist Studies - Tutorials

Thanks to the wonderful world of online tutorials, a person can observe and learn from others who have mastered different techniques.

Because I wanted to be able to access specific tutorials at any time, I created a Pinterest page and subscribed and bookmarked YouTube sites that supported my art journey and discovery. On this Pinterest page, you’ll find alphabetically arranged over 40 subjects and almost 2000 posts.

Again, I remind you that I was totally untrained in the field of art, so this bounty of tutorials was amazingly beneficial.

For example, I really wanted to know how to paint flowers, as I had so many beautiful photos from my walks and from my friends. On the Floral Tutorial page, you can find videos of artists painting flowers, their colour choices, brush preferences, both loose and realistic examples, and step by step photos of work in progress. Most importantly for me, was the information shared in finessing floral images. I’m still working on adding extra shading, focusing on light and shadows, and painting in the fine detail lines. During their videos, these artists expressed that learning to paint florals is a lifelong journey, and I am only starting to understand. Close observation of flowers and plant life contribute to your intimate knowledge of them and subsequently impact how you can represent their truth.

Filling in my vacuum of basic art principles, the section on Basics significantly supported my growth. Topics of line, shape, form, value, colour, composition, materials, texture, and watercolour techniques were covered succinctly, and in as much depth as I was able to absorb at any given time. Looking over them again today, I see material that I need to review again now that I have moved from beginner to intermediate. My foundational understanding will help me understand and apply more of the concepts than in the early stages of my learning.

Also on the tutorial page are other pages relating to art styles: loose paintings, negative painting, multimedia, portraiture, pouring, and sumi-e ink painting.

Following is a list of my YouTube subscriptions of my favorite artists and their styles:

These tutorials have helped me become free in my painting. To believe that art does not have to be realistic to be beautiful. To trust my instincts and intuition. To create, explore, and discover. As you can see below, I have developed several different styles!



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