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Beginner Drawing - Susanne Lamoureux ELLA 2013

ELLA stands for Edmonton Lifelong Learners Association, which operates 3 weeks of courses for 55+ at the University.

My first year of attending, I took Susanne's course for beginning drawing. At this time, I had zero confidence in my abilities to draw other than a stick figure. However, Susanne taught me to see. To see shapes and lines, to take one step at a time. She was excellent at teaching techniques and using drawing materials, like pencils, fine line black markers, graphite, and charcoal. We actually worked on complex pieces and chose our own final projects.

The face is drawn using a photograph. We used measurements to capture the placement of eyes, lines, and shapes.


This African Tree is my final project. For this, we used graphite powder and erasers to create the image.


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