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Dare It!

Think it, Believe it, Dream it, Dare it is a quote from Walt Disney. I saw it on a billboard as I was driving yesterday, and had a moment of recognition. It applies exactly to my journey in art! And perhaps it might apply to you as well.

I had been thinking about art for many years, as my sister, my daughter, sons were all artists - so skilled and imaginative. It wasn't until I took that next step to believing that I could then try art, buy art supplies, take art courses. That believing stage took a year or two to take hold, and I felt the transition to dreaming that I could actually be an artist. I dreamed about what kind of art I would like to do - nature/abstract/landscapes/prairie... I dreamed while studying other artists' styles. I dreamed as I saw growth in my painting skills and techniques. I dreamed as I joined an Art Society. 

This past spring I transitioned into the daring phase. I could feel the difference as I began to risk saying to people (other than my family and close friends) that I paint watercolours, to actually say the words, "I am an artist." I submitted 5 of my pieces to the Art Society to be juried to be recategorized as an Exhibiting Artist. I walked through the Whyte Avenue Art Walk asking questions about selling art, techniques used - I conversed as 'artist to artist.' I joined a Summer Watercolor Challenge and posted my first piece as Calico, and received my first 'like' from someone in Europe. And I began my public artist identity by beginning to develop this Calico Art website.

Walt Disney had it right! Think it, Believe it, Dream it, Dare it!

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