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Sharing My Research

The research of the 129 Daniel Smith granulating pigments took me 8 months to complete. It truly was a labor of love and torture at the same time. I knew what my purpose was - to find the best granulating pigments and the very best mixes so that I could make spectacular statements in my art. There n…

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Letting My Brush Take the Lead

I've been spending the last week going through my collection of art works. Tending to be prolific has its drawbacks as I have hundreds of paintings. I've noticed how tight and tentative my earliest works were, and how closely I used the photo reference to try and replicate what my eyes were seeing. …

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Granulating Pigment Research

February 24, 2023

My newest passion is exploring the colours and textures created by using Daniel Smith granulating Paints. This example shows how using Hematite Genuine with 12 other granulating colours creates the most dramatic effects. These pages are 9 x 12, so squares are 3". The partner colou…

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Dare It!

Think it, Believe it, Dream it, Dare it is a quote from Walt Disney. I saw it on a billboard as I was driving yesterday, and had a moment of recognition. It applies exactly to my journey in art! And perhaps it might apply to you as well.

I had been thinking about art for many years, as my sist…

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Know Your Paints

As a beginning watercolourist, it can be daunting to go into an art store and be faced with an entire aisle or at least several sections of watercolour tubes to choose from. How do you begin? Which ones are the basics?

Every artist has their favorite colours and their favorite brands. I've liste…

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In the Beginning

Scared Stiff!

The desire to express, to paint was so strong, but the fear of starting to paint was stronger. When you grow up believing you are not an artist, it is easy to convince yourself that is a truth.

Art for me started only after I had retired - when I had unlimited time and the yearning t…

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