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Sharing My Research

The research of the 129 Daniel Smith granulating pigments took me 8 months to complete. It truly was a labor of love and torture at the same time. I knew what my purpose was - to find the best granulating pigments and the very best mixes so that I could make spectacular statements in my art. There needed to be a consistent approach for my analysis at the end of it all. But the tedium of penciling in the squares, deciding and prepping the paint each time was contrary to the freedom you'd think an artist would crave.

But now that the work was finished, my new task was to begin to share what I'd done so that it could be used by other artists, and perhaps even the Daniel Smith company itself.

I've been posting (one color, the mixes page, and the 2 abstracts done with those colors) three times a week as it takes time and concentration to upload them. There are four sites I'm using: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and of course, this website. Along with each color there is a small description. By the end of 2023, the work should be fully published.

It is very interesting that though I've used the hashtags and links, there are few people following as yet. That is the challenge, isn't it? To find an inroads into the complex world of social media. That is my current task and far more difficult than drawing my squares and prepping my paints.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a guru sitting beside you when you need it most?

To find the results of my research:

  • Granulating Pigments Link
  • Rubric for Ranking Granulating Paints Link
  • Best Granulating Mixes Link

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